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Setting Up

Continuing to personalize our new doghouse! At last night’s meeting we had the FTC team come in and test their robot along with the new grabber design in a new space. We also went over basic safety basics, if you […]

Teamwork, Cookies, and the End of the World

Disputes over music occurred on this snowy afternoon. New music rules put into place. First person can play music outloud, anyone else wishing to listen to music at the same time must wear headphones unless majority wishes for a new DJ. Only […]


Code being developed to hang a ring during the autonomous period of the game. Previous autonomus – get into a better starting game position Goal – Hang a ring with the IR beacon


Our claw is being rebuilt! Previously it was created out of Lego pieces and rigid. Our first thought was to grab two at a time but that was a bust with the stiff design. So instead of working at grabbing […]

Uh oh!

All-State Jazz is the same time as our next Regional! That means Collin, Goobey, and Srinu won’t be able to make it. Back up drive team was going to be driving at the next event since the main drive has […]

FLL Regional Qualifier Video

For the last 5 years,FIRST Team 525 has hosted an FLL Regional Qualifier.  This year, one of our students put together a great video of the event. It can be found here

FTC Ankeny Regional

A copy of an email from an FTC parent: Congratulations to Team 6420, The SabreHOOF Tigers! They, along with their alliance partner, Team 3608: RoboctoPi, from Oskalooska, won 1st place in the regional qualifier in Ankeny. The Tigers went 5-1 […]

FLL Regional Qualifier

Wow!  A huge Thank You to ALL of the volunteers who helped make this year another memorable FLL Regional Qualifier.  35 FLL teams and 6 Junior FLL teams came and had an amazing experience.  Lots of incredible presentations on thier […]

Drive Team Selections

Main Drive Team Collin – Drive Train Erik – Arm Srinu – Coach   Backup Drive Team Jason – Drive Train Lauren – Arm Collin – Coach

Ghosts, Aliens, and Extraterrestrials

Ghosting fixed! Problems observed Dec. 1st. Determined that problem was in code/NXT brick. The brick used when ghosting was a problems was a little wonky. Looks like we’ll have to use our other working code in Robot C, but hey […]

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