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Darn Weather

Road are slick and dangerous. So today is cancelled. Be ready for some late nights ahead students! Catch up now on sleep and homework, get ahead if you can! We’re going to need everyone at the Doghouse as much as […]


Partners with 4443 the sock monkey team!

More matches!

Holy cow, these matches are intense. So much stress it’s unbelievable. Loving these matches though. We’ve had some AMAZING alliance partners. We’re so thankful for the season we’ve already had and can’t wait to see where we go from here. Good […]

Day 18

Continued to work on robot, programming, all that fun stuff. Interviews of the team today encompassing what you’ve done so far, what you’d like to do that you haven’t and your general feelings towards our team and the FIRST program. Animation is coming along, […]

Day 16

More story time with Mr. Swartley tonight. Tonight we worked on code, shooting, frame, trip planning, and tons of other stuff! Getting concepts for the team poster going. Remember, your team brand is important! Have an image, get your name […]

Day 15

Programmers are discussing the philosophy of autonomous and programming possible components for autonomous. It would sure help if we had a finished robot, but we’ll get the different components that we can finished and add details later. Our pyramid is up! We […]

Days 13-14

Had a great time at the Iowa FLL Championship! Although code for Captain Pike was a little difficult when we first pulled him out to demo. Getting drive practice in for students who are considering drive team. How do you […]

Day 12 – We’re hanging in there

Made quite a few decisions on how to proceed today. Glad we have a plan in place. Almost two weeks gone of the build season. What have you accomplished? Hey! Look at your calenders! It’s the 17th of January. Does […]

Day 11

Prioritization, can we do both parts of the game? Do we have to choose? If forced to choose, what would we pick? Lots of questions were asked today, but nothing decided on quite yet. Anyone else really pleased with that […]

Day 10 – Sickness

First mandatory meeting! Lots of great agenda things covered tonight. Remember to get your regional sheets in as soon as you can! Re-prioritized tonight for what is important for us to be able to do in the game. Short blog […]

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