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Week Four

Awards work to the extreme. We’ve got a field in the works, we’re building an entire field for our scrimmage with all the Iowa teams towards the end of build. Robot work is being accomplished. Ball pick-up is being attached. […]

Week Three

Parts are continuing to be made. User testing of our iPod match scouting app is taking place. We ran a successful FTC regional today! A huge thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help! Our FTC Team […]

Week Two

Waiting for parts. Working on CAD designs. Congratulations to the FTC we mentor, FTC 6420 Sabre-HOOF Tigers on their Regional win yesterday, the 2nd place Inspire Award, and the PTC Design Award! Finalists for Rockwell Collins Innovate Award and the […]

Week One

Scouting apps are going great! We’re just testing for our match scout app then we’ll get started on our pit scouting app. While we don’t post our pit scouting app to the app store, keep your eyes out for our […]


What all can you fit in your suitcase? We’ve got an entire robot! Our suitcase might not be that traditional and it might bet some funny looks at the airport! Security would definitely give it more than a glance or […]

Exciting Things!

We’ve got some really exciting things coming up! Our kick off event will include students from two other Iowa teams and possibly, depending how our test video chat session goes, some of the Chinese teams we’re working with over Christmas […]

Getting into the swing of things

We’re looking forward to our presentation at the Cedar Valley STEM Festival located in the Five Sullivan Brothers Center this Thursday in Waterloo! Come check us out! The event is geared toward Pre-K to elementary student age students from 12 […]

New FTC Team

Congrats to our brand new FTC team that was given their number today! Their new number is FTC 7880! We’re looking forward to seeing what they achieve in the future. We also have two new mentors for our FTC teams […]

Chairman’s Update

Have you checked out the Chairman’s Award Update yet? Basically if you attend multiple events, like our team does, you can submit at all of them! But you can only win at one. Want to check out the full thing: […]

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