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Tiger Hi-Line story

The Cedar Falls High School online news Tiger Hi-Line had a really nice story about FIRST Team 525.  It included interviews and lots of great shots of “Captain Pike”.  You can find the video under media.

Kansas City Regional

Congrats to the entire FIRST Team 525 Swartdogs!  Great job in Kansas City!  Despite obstacles, we made it to the semi-finals. And true to our belief and following Gracious Professionalism, we were awarded the “Gracious Professionalism” award for everything we […]

Ipod App

Congrats to the Ipod Apps team!  At the beginning of the season, none of them had used xcode for programming.  As of last weekend, we have a fully functional scouting app for the ipod. Scouting was much easier  last year […]

Website update

We just added a HUGE update to the website.  We always had a Team History section with information about that years team.  In each section is now a picture of that years’ robot and a team photo!  It’s cool looking […]

Stop Build Day

It’s hard to believe, but Stop Build Day is here.  Captain Pike is ready for our first Regional in about 1 week.  All of the hard work and long hours have paid off.  The robot works great and met all […]

TV and Newspaper

We had great coverage of our Open House yesterday by our local TV station and Newspaper.  Go to Media – Television to see the video!  They did a great job showing the enthusiasm of the team.

Open House

What a great turnout today!  We had many of our sponsors come see the robot in action.  There were a lot of “future Swartdogs” looking at and learning about our robot.  Reporters from TV and the newspaper also were present.  Lots […]


Thanks to everyone who helped make this years scrimmage another huge success.  It was fun having Team 967  (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) back in our house and a first time for the rookie Team 3928 (Ames, Iowa).  The scrimmage is always […]

Website additions

Finally added a few new areas to the website. In training, we have an anmiation guide.  This is not meant to be a tutorial (as there are many already out there), but more of a guide of how we did […]

Team Open House and Scrimmage

FIRST Team 525 will have our annual scrimmage on February 18 from  3-5 p.m.    We have heard from 5 other FRC teams (including the FIRST Team 4208 , that we arehelping to  mentor) that plan to attend as well as 6 FTC […]

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