2019 Newsletter

Our year started off with a kickoff with twenty FRC teams from Iowa and Nebraska, followed by a six week build season.

We attended two regionals this season and because we won the Northern Lights regional and were finalists at the Iowa regional, we qualified for the World Championships in Detroit, Michigan. We also received the most prestigious award, the Chairman’s award, which qualified us to present our team to the World Championship judges.   

Over the summer we focused on spreading FIRST throughout the community through outreach events. We showed our robot and demonstrated parts of the game in various events throughout Iowa such as the Iowa State Fair, Sturgis Falls, and the Black Hawk County Fair. These events allowed us to not only show members of the community what our team can do but also kids who could be in this program in the future.

As school started, we welcomed new students onto the team and allowed them to explore various aspects of the team. We attended an offseason event, the Cowtown Throwdown event in Lee’s Summit, Missouri which allowed the new students to experience a regional-like setting. 

Our goal is to support all FIRST programs. Over the past year, we’ve volunteered and demonstrated at two local FTC League meets and ran two FLL Jr. Expos. In December we will host an FLL regional qualifier and volunteer at two more FLL Jr. Expos in December.

This season we have three former team members returning to mentor our team. We’re proud to have alumni who are dedicated to volunteering in FIRST programs. We appreciate all of your support and excited for our upcoming season.

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