FIRST Events
FLL Jr. Expos

To support the growth of teams in Cedar Falls, we run 8 FLL Jr. Expos in Cedar Falls. At these events, teams present what they learned and created to reviewers, spectators, and our team members, Our team members have fun acting as ambassadors for the teams, while mentors organize the events and act as reviewers.

FLL Regional Qualifier

Our team helped start the first FLL Regional Qualifier in Cedar Falls and continues to run the event each year. The event consists of teams participating in robot matches, judges interviews, and a root demonstration. The event is always full of energy, loud music, and excited teams!

FLL State Championship

We have demonstrated our robot at the FLL State Championships at Iowa State University for 14 years. After we were able to start so many FRC teams in Iowa, the opportunity was spread to other teams, so they had an opportunity to showcase what they created. We have also had students volunteer in various roles and our alumni also continue to give back by volunteering on the event planning team.

FIRST Tech Challenge
FTC League Meets

To promote the continuation of FIRST programs, our team strives to have a robot demonstration at all local FTC League Meets. Our team members also volunteer in various roles throughout the event. As a fundraiser, our team provides concessions for the participants and spectators.

FIRST Robotics Competition
The Corn Dog Classic

The Corn Dog Classic is our yearly scrimmage event. At the end of build season, we invite all teams from Iowa and Nebraska to get experience on a full sized field. Students also have fun getting to know other teams showing off what they have created.


Every year we hold an official kickoff at our high school inviting all Iowa and Nebraska teams. In addition to watching the reveal video and getting to know other teams, we hold sessions to discuss various parts of build season. The sessions include a strategy session, rules discussion, programming techniques, Chairman’s discussion, elevator and pivot arm design tips, mentor round tables, and more. 

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