Sturgis Falls

Since 2008 we have had a display at Sturgis Falls, a local town celebration. People from all over the state come to experience the food, music, rides, and booths at this event. When we first participated in this event, we had a display of our most recent robot on a street corner near the center of the event. Now, we fill Gateway Shelter with a display of all FIRST programs and invite other FRC teams from the area to have a larger demonstration of the most recent game.

Pedal Blender

After being commissioned by the Cedar Valley Pedal Fest, we took on the task of building a pedal powered blender. While at the event, we had people blend their own smoothies.

Lasagna Dinner

As a fundraiser before competitions, we sold tickets for a lasagna dinner. We also had match videos, a robot museum, a VR field set up, and allowed people to drive robots. We had a lot of fun showing our community how our team has grown through the years.

City Council Presentation

After a successful competition season, our mayor wanted us to show the entire community what we have done. Four students went to a city council meeting to present to the board what we accomplished that year and to give thanks to those that supported us. The meeting was televised and it was a great opportunity to share our year with people in the community.

Open House

Prior to our journey to Detroit for the World Championships, we invited our community into our build site. The day consisted of robot driving, showing the awards we received at our regionals, and having a robot museum. We also held sales for small 3D printed items and keychains.

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