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Build Team

He shoots – Ok, not so far or so well.  A few tweaks – He shoots – He SCORES!!!  Oh yea!  The robot is alive . . .

Build Team

The robot continues to come along well.  There are 19 days until it must ba bagged and tagged.  It looks like we will be finished, but not with a lot of time to spare.


We held a meeting tonight with all of the students and parents.  The topic was the upcoming Regional Competitions.  The complete agenda was discussed, including cost, time missed at school, expectations of students missing class and their homework and much […]

Web site

FIRST Team 525 is very active in Outreach activities.  The pages were getting to be too large to manage easily.  They have been redone, in a better fashion.  The Outreach pages are now set up by year.  This will make […]


The storyboard for our animation is done.  It really helped a lot.  We were able to break down the scenes easier and see what pieces we needed.  The parts are being created and some even have materials attached. It is […]

Field Construction

Our field is essentially done.  The bridge is being painted with a “525” logo and still needs a little more weight to be correct. Those wanting to try out for the human player and other roles have started to practice.

Build Team

We are close to having a rolling chasis and the rest of the robot is coming along well. This year, we have a milling machine!  Yea!!!  It makes creating a lot of the custom parts much easier and makes it […]


The website has been updated: 1.  Photos of our team alumni giving back to robotics have been posted.  Many were working at the Iowa State FLL Championship. 2.  The Sponsor page has been updated and redone.  3.  The sponsor bar […]

Field Construction

The Field Construction team is working hard at building a test field.  The first build of a bridge is done and looks great!

Build Team

The robot construction team is working at full speed looking at driveline concepts, ball pickup and shooting concepts.  Several versions have been built and are being tested.

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