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Day 9 – Batteries!

Well, as a few of our members returned to the Doghouse from a presentation at our school’s STEM fair tonight, many found cars following them all the way from the high school. Five students all at the same time, all […]

Day 8 – over one week in already!

Wow! We’re over a week in! Thought I’d mention a certain team member today since it is the anniversary of his birth! Happy birthday Collin! Business plan is being revised and looked over with a volunteer in the area. Building […]

Day 7

Getting stuff done. Too much testing and plans. Sheets of paper with design sketches litter our work tables but don’t move anything! Someone might need that. Chairman’s progress? Essay needs editing, video needs planning, and creation too. Button making is […]

Day 6

We’re one week in! No school today but we’re meeting anyway. To start the day off we’ve got a few groups going. One working and testing pick up systems, one building a drive base, Charlotte is debugging the iPod scouting app […]

Day 5 – Regroup

As a  team, we took two days off for finals! Hope everyone’s grades are up or you’re out. Same school policy of passing grades for everyone or you cannot participate. But we have plenty of smart students who would love […]

Day 3

Shooter works! 27+ feet distance. Consistency within 8 in. Further testing needed. Drive train decisions are still being discussed. If you know our team. Any guesses anyone? If your team hasn’t heard about FRC Team 116 Epsilon Delta, they’re hosting […]

Day 2 – Brainstorming

Split into groups today. Lots of brainstorms, drawings, and lists and lists of ideas flowing all day. Taking apart popular toys for launch design ideas proved very helpful. Prototype being constructed. First testing commenced for prototype one of shooter. Went […]

Day 1 – Kickoff video GP mention!

Woodie Flowers mentioned our team on the video talking about our demonstrations of GP! Check out the rest of the story on our website under the tab About – FIRST GP – Our Values. Remember GP is always the right way to do things. […]


For those students interested, we have bulbs ready to sell! It’s highly recommended. Who doesn’t need lightbulbs? Plus it’ll help pay for your trip costs, so get out there and start asking around. A quick phone call or email to family […]

Kick off!

Anxiously awaiting the announcement of the game for FRC this year! Can’t wait! You can practically feel the tension in the room, everyone’s eyes are glued to the screen just waiting to see any hints or clues. Listening to the speculations of […]

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