School and Recruitment
Extended Learning Program (ELP) Fair

We hold a robot demonstration at the ELP fair put on by our junior highs. The event includes a robot demonstration, match videos, and information about joining our team. The event is a great opportunity for students to learn more about our team and for our team to recruit team members.

Back to School Night

We attend the Cedar Falls junior high schools’ back to school nights to recruit new members of our team. We bring one of our robots, show our code, drivers station, and match video in hopes of finding students who are interested in STEM.

Girl's Night

In an effort to encourage female representation and participation in STEM, we held a Girl’s Night. The night included a guest speaker from John Deere describing her experience in a STEM field. We also talked to some of our female alumni about their experiences on the team and after high school. The students also had an opportunity to learn about a variety of STEM skills.

UNI Mentor Recruitment

Every year the University of Northern Iowa holds a Club Night for all the STEM major students. Every year we go to introduce them to the world of FIRST and allow them to sign up for mentoring. We show robot driving and have a small set up with team info and matches playing.

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