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Summer’s over

Wondering where we’ve been this summer? Our team has had quite the busy summer break! We kicked it all off with our annual Sturgis Falls celebration! While we didn’t participate in the actual parade for this area event, we did […]


Check out this article posted in the Cedar Falls Patch about us before we headed off to Championships! We were an Industrial Safety Award Finalist at the Championship event! While we didn’t make it into the elimination rounds, this […]


Anyone curious about what we’ve been doing lately? Check out these videos to learn more about how our year is going! Introducing our newer students to the world of FIRST by hosting our annual FLL Regional Qualifier Event – STEM Day at […]

10,000 Lakes Regional

We had an amazing time at 10,000 Lakes. We were on the winning alliance with FIRST Teams 2052 and 3244. Jared Failor received one of the Dean’s List Finalists awards. We were thrilled to receive the Regional Chairman’s Award. We […]

Northern Lights Regional

Congratulations to all of the teams that participated at the Northern Lights Regional. We had an amazing regional: 1. Picked as first pick by the third place team King Tec, joined by Huskie Robotics. We were undefeated in Eliminations and […]

Ready . . . Set . . .Go!

Build season – complete Robot built, programmed – complete scrimmage – complete Scouting app – submitted, approved, available on iTunes store – complete Animation submitted – complete We’ve done a LOT this season already! Last night was our team photo. […]

Post-build Day 8

Even with 10+ inches of snow, we are still meeting tonight! Figuring out how frisbees fly with MathCAD. That, by the way, is a lovely program that FIRST students have available to them. If you haven’t tried it yet, you ought […]

iPod Application

What perfect timing, build season has just ended and our scouting app on the App store has been approved! It’s called Ultimate Scout. The Ultimate Scout app, designed by FIRST Team 525, is used during FRC competitions to gather information about the […]

Day 40

Autonomous works! Code pieces were written far in advance but today was the first time we tried putting things together, and it works! We can now reach a consistent score of 18 points in the autonomous period of the game. […]

Day 37

  Luckily we have no school today! More work time, and it’s longer than the actual school day, but much more fun! 8 am to 10 pm. The race car is being painted. What is a race car you ask? […]

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