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Getting into the swing of things

We’re looking forward to our presentation at the Cedar Valley STEM Festival located in the Five Sullivan Brothers Center this Thursday in Waterloo! Come check us out! The event is geared toward Pre-K to elementary student age students from 12 […]

Swartdogs from Planet Doghouse

Today we gave a presentation at John Deere Engine Works about our team, what it takes to be a FIRST mentor, and how rewarding it is to be a part of the FIRST program. This past weekend we hosted an […]

Days 13-14

Had a great time at the Iowa FLL Championship! Although code for Captain Pike was a little difficult when we first pulled him out to demo. Getting drive practice in for students who are considering drive team. How do you […]

Day 10 – Sickness

First mandatory meeting! Lots of great agenda things covered tonight. Remember to get your regional sheets in as soon as you can! Re-prioritized tonight for what is important for us to be able to do in the game. Short blog […]

FLL Regional Qualifier Video

For the last 5 years,FIRST Team 525 has hosted an FLL Regional Qualifier.  This year, one of our students put together a great video of the event. It can be found here

FLL Regional Qualifier

Wow!  A huge Thank You to ALL of the volunteers who helped make this year another memorable FLL Regional Qualifier.  35 FLL teams and 6 Junior FLL teams came and had an amazing experience.  Lots of incredible presentations on thier […]

FLL Regional Qualifying Event

FTC Team 6420 volunteered at the FLL regional event hosted at Peet Junior High School in Cedar Falls, Iowa today! Got robot working only two days ago. We got lots of drive time for our main and backup drive team […]

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