Sturgis Falls

Sturgis Falls is an annual week-long celebration in our community. Each year we are contacted to bring our robot to excite children and the community about the robotics programs Cedar Falls Schools have to offer. We have given demonstrations at this event for the last 9 years.



This year we decided to participate in the annual Sturgis Falls Parade. With the theme being “There’s no place like home” we knew it was perfect for our team because we consider robotics and the build site our home away from home. We made plans for, built, and put most of our float together in the couple weeks and nights before the parade, but there were still last minute decorations to put on the morning of. Fueled by tea and coffee, we met at 6:45 a.m. and were able to finish the float before the parade started. As the parade started, we found out we were lucky enough to receive the Willy S. Wonderful Trophy that is given to the best float given to a youth group or organization.



The parade happened to be on the same day that we were demonstrating our robots at the event. When the parade was over, we took apart the float and walked the couple blocks to the location of our demonstration. We showed our current robot as well as showed match video from the season and answered any questions about the program and robots.

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