Sturgis Falls

This summer, we participated in the annual Sturgis Falls Celebration.  This event is a week-long festival, celebrating the city of Cedar Falls.  We participated in the Saturday events, including the parade and Saturday afternoon activities.  As the celebration’s theme was “Let the Good Times Roll”, we enjoyed building a float featuring all of the robots our team ever built.  We even had alumni return and walk in the parade with us.  Along with the robots on the float, we drove our 2016 robot, Cricket, and the doghouse robot.   We also had multiple robots shooting balls as the parade moved along.  We had lots of fun and even received the Willie S. Wonderful Trophy for a youth entry that is not considered a float with a $150 cash prize.

dscn9297       dscn9309       dscn9298

After the parade was over, we had a booth near the Kidsway Activities (a set of activities geared towards younger/elementary aged children).  We demonstrated our 2016 robot while promoting FIRST, our team, and the Iowa Regional.  During short breaks, we let kids come and have a closer look at the robot and we explained to them how it works.  During the demonstration, we also showed videos of matches and answered questions about our team and FIRST Robotics Competition.

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