In January of 2016 a new initiative drastically changed the face of FRC in Iowa.The accepted 2016 application (written by mentor Kenton Swartley) provided funding which made it possible for us to start 7 new teams, giving each of them $8,000, which covered registration fees, robot parts, and mentor stipends. The award also allowed us to support 4 established teams, supplying each of them with $7,000. As a part of this program, we hold a University of Northern Iowa class to prepare teams for their upcoming season. Furthermore, we continually help the teams throughout build season by hosting weekly video conference calls where mentors can ask any questions they might have. In 2017, funding was once again approved. This allowed us to provide thousands of dollars to cover registrations fees, workshops, and a drive base/tools kit for 2 rookie teams that we started and 2 veteran teams. Plus, we continued supporting 4 teams from 2016’s Scale-Up, providing each of them with $3,000. 

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