Stronghold Scrimmage

On Sunday, February 21, the weekend before “Bag and Tag” day, the Swartdogs ran our 7th annual scrimmage. This year we invited all Iowa teams and the team from Nebraska to attend! This made it our largest scrimmage to date. Our team set up the full field and pit areas late the night before and got arrived early to make sure everything was running smoothly. The full field gave all teams a chance to test out all defenses and practice driving with limited vision. We also asked a couple inspectors for the Iowa Regional to hold mock inspections for any team interested. There were also organized discussions on scouting, business plans, programming, and fundraising. We also talked to the rookie teams in attendance about what to expect from a regional event and gave them a chance to answer any questions they had. This was a really great event for all who attended. We’re so excited for the competition season!

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