Iowa FLL State Championship

On January 14, a group of Swartdogs traveled to Ames for the Iowa FLL State Championship. This was our 12th time attending since 2005.

We spent the day talking about FRC, our team, and our robots to passing FLL students. They got the opportunity to see the robot up close as well as in motion. 

IMG_4856 IMG_2894 IMG_4889

At the 2015 Championship, we got the opportunity to continue telling people about FRC. During judge deliberations, we gave a presentation with FRC team 3928, Team Neutrino. We talked about the differences between FLL and FRC, robot construction, FRC games, and the importance of Gracious Professionalism, and answered questions from the audience. The Swartdogs and team Neutrino drove robots to demonstrate how FRC robots interact.

IMG_2952 IMG_3018

We were all packed up when we got word that we were needed to fill a bit more time. Eagerly we ran to the closing ceremony location, where we talked in front of about 3000 people! Along with showing our robot some more, we called Swartdog alumni up to the stage to talk about their experiences on the team. What a neat opportunity!

IMG_3104 IMG_3110

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