Doerfer Visit

Doerfer invited schools around the area to come and learn about their company and what they do. They asked our team if any students would be interested in helping give the tours around the building. The students giving the tours were taught quickly about Doerfer and the machines that they are involved with. In addition to these students giving the tour, students from our local FTC teams and students from the engineering classes. IMG_3927

The Swartdogs giving the tours talked about what Doerfer does and the machines they make. They talked about the different cars and machines that they sell to NASA and the Navy. Students also got to meet one of the astronauts from NASA.

In addition to the tours, students got to see a large swerve drive robot. It is what NASA uses to drive the rockets to where they need to be set up at. The machine is also used by the Navy to transport parts of submarines.


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