The Swartdogs are back and starting the 2015 season strong.  Many projects have been started and worked on full force.  One of those projects is a update on the Swartdogs website.  Having been falling behind on keeping it up for a few seasons, the students decided to revamp it with updated pictures, improved content, and seemingly most exciting: The Official Swartdogs Orange (yes, it’s true, the Swartdogs finally settled on one shade of orange– official hex number and all).  Students have also been working full swing on designing the robot for this season’s game: Recycle Rush.  The first few weeks of build season have been very successful with many ideas and designs beginning to bloom into reality.  The team is very hopeful for a very successful season, as well as securing some awards.  A team is diligently working on perfecting the Chairman’s Award entry as well as the Woody Flowers.  This season is going to be a bright one indeed!


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