The game was Aim High. This was our second year using a camera to assist in scoring. We had more success with it than last year. We made it to the quarterfinals at the Wisconsin Regional with our partners, team 1732 and 862. We had a great time at the Championship. One of the more memorable moments came when our robot camera first located the goal, but was quickly distracted when the lighted sponsor ring in the Georgia Dome caught its attention. Once the green color was recognized, it proceeded to fire the poof balls, with a direct hit on a nearby referee. That individual wrongly suspected a nearby referee for launching the ball at him. As a coincidence, the entire episode was caught on video. This became a famous Swartdog blooper for our video files! Swartdogs officially became the name of Team 525 when a student created what the acronym Swartdogs stood for. SWART – Students Working Around Robotics Technology-dogs. We were happy and excited to move to yet another build site. DISTek Integration made us feel at home in the part of the building they weren’t using. Not only was it heated, they graciously allowed us to use their lunchroom. As an added bonus their employees loved to watch our progress and would stop in from time to time.

Aim High was the 2006 FIRST Robotics Competition game. The two alliances of 3 robots competed by placing balls in multiple goals at different heights. The game started with a 10 second autonomous period in which robots tried to score as many goals as possible. In rounds 2 and 3 the alliances switched from playing offense to defense. In round 4 any robot could score or play defense. Rounds 2-4 were 40 seconds each.

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