2019 Iowa Regional Scouting Data

Here are some resources that our team has found useful. Both resources take data directly from the field management system and import it into google sheets.

Instructions for OPR Calculator:

  1. Follow link: OPR Calculator
  2. Open in Google Sheets app or in a web browser
  3. Navigate to the IACF page: This page will provide data on match results. All data here is directly from field state at the end of matches.
  4. Navigate to the IACF_OPR page: This data uses OPR calculations to determine each team’s impact on alliances throughout the event. According to The Blue Alliance, “OPR stands for Offensive Power Rating, which is a system to attempt to deduce the average point contribution of a team to an alliance. It is based on sports rating systems used in other sports. OPRs are an interesting way to slice the data for teams at particular events, but aren’t a perfect system for assessing a team’s performance or contribution.” Keep in mind that hard data collected by the team may be preferable to relying on OPR data.
  5. Editing: If you want to edit this spreadsheet or sort teams by data categories, you will need to make a copy. To do this, go to “File” and “Make a Copy”.

Instructions For Scouting Template:

  1. Follow link: Scouting Template
  2. Open in Google Sheets app or in a web browser
  3. Make a copy: To do this, go to “File” and “Make a Copy”.
  4. Navigate to the team_lookup page: This page finds presents OPR data from all of the selected team’s matches. To search for a team’s OPR data, just enter their team number into the “Team #” cell. The alliance lookup page presents similar data based on alliance when a match number is entered.
  5. Navigate to the averages_all page: This page shows the OPR data for all scoring elements as well as the sandstorm period.

The scouting template should update automatically while the OPR calculator relies on a manual refresh by someone with editing access. A member of team 525 will update the publicly shared file for ease of use. For any questions, visit us in the pits!

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