In the 2014 season, two mentors traveled to the Hub City Regional to support Chinese teams in attendance. Tom said about his experiences there: 

“Neil and I drove to the Hub City Regional (1000 miles each way!) to support the three teams from China that would be there.  Our goals were to get the teams through inspection, help them through the competition and make sure they had a good time.  The teams from China had some big challenges, including not getting the kit of parts until halfway through the build season and not having easy access to the FRC legal parts. Their robots were basic kit bots with some modest attachments – just getting the robots completed and shipped to a week 2 event was quite an accomplishment. 

The three teams all had two problems in common. Their bumpers and wiring were not up to FRC standards.  We put out a call for help for bumpers and a team member from 2468 came over within a few minutes.  She spent most of the day Thursday working with all three teams to help them make legal bumpers.  We also needed help with wiring so we asked team 1164 if they had anyone that could help.  They sent a student over and he spent the rest of the day Thursday getting the wiring improved.  He also spent Friday and Saturday working with the three teams to help them diagnose problems and keep the robots running.

We had many other people help while we were there – from people that helped translate, to the robot and safety inspectors, the control and field technical experts, and many others.  I was very impressed with how many people went so far out of their way to help ensure that these rookie teams from China had a good experience.  By the way, 5302 won the Highest Rookie Seed award and was the highest seeded team not selected for the elimination rounds.  5304 won the Rookie All Star award and earned a trip to St. Louis (they were not able to go.)”


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