FLL Jr. Expo

FLL Jr Expo Outreach 12-16-17 (55)

We ran a brand new FLL Jr. Expo in December at a local elementary school.  We wanted to create another opportunity for local teams to participate in an Expo close to them.  As a result, we welcomed four teams from local elementary schools to this event. We served as student ambassadors, showing the teams to their interviews with the reviewers.  Also, as student ambassadors, we talked with the teams and learn about what they had done. We also demonstrated our robot. The kids were really excited to see our robot shoot the fuel into the boiler.  Two local FTC teams also showed what FTC is and let the kids drive their robots. The day ended with a special high-five ceremony, congratulating all of the kids for all of their hard work and learnings.


FLL Jr Expo Outreach 12-16-17 (33)


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