FIRST Robotics Showcase

Sturgis Falls5

This year we ran another FIRST Robotics Showcase at Sturgis Falls.  This showcase featured teams from all four FIRST programs.  Overall, all of the teams were showing what opportunities people can receive from getting involved in a FIRST team.  Because there were teams from all four FIRST programs in one room, people could see the progression of the FIRST programs.  Teams also explained what they learned throughout their seasons. FLL Jr. talked about about their Aqua Adventure and showed off what they learned throughout the year. We also allowed people to code a FLL robot and try to complete challenges. Several FTC teams demonstrated their robots and taught people how to drive them.  Finally, multiple FRC teams (including our team) demonstrated their robots.  Throughout the afternoon, we ran matches on half of a field.  Throughout the day, we answered any questions that people had and helped anyone who was interested learn about joining a FIRST team.  

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