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Getting into the swing of things

We’re looking forward to our presentation at the Cedar Valley STEM Festival located in the Five Sullivan Brothers Center this Thursday in Waterloo! Come check us out! The event is geared toward Pre-K to elementary student age students from 12 […]

Swartdogs from Planet Doghouse

Today we gave a presentation at John Deere Engine Works about our team, what it takes to be a FIRST mentor, and how rewarding it is to be a part of the FIRST program. This past weekend we hosted an […]

Day 31

We continue to see growth in the members of Tea Club! We have also come up with an acronym that fits our team name: Students (and mentors) Who Addictively Refill Teacups -Dogs. We’ve found that it is a great way […]

Tea Club

We’re considering making Tea Shirts for our Tea Club. It’s very relaxing to combat the stress of build season. We continue to add more members and educate our team about the wonders of tea, though we must resort to taking […]

Day 24

We have a tea club! Okay, it’s actually just a few students and two mentors enjoying our team mugs (with names on them!) and warm beverages since the weather around here hasn’t been the warmest. The high for today was […]

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