Back to School Night

Junior High Demonstrations                       IMG_4368

Our school district is one of the few school districts in Iowa that has junior highs instead of middle schools.  As a result, each of the two junior highs include 7th through 9th grades and the high school includes 10th through 12th grades.  This means that the junior highs do not always hear about FRC.  In order to reach out more to both of the junior highs in Cedar Falls, we demonstrated at their back to school nights.  

For these events, we demonstrated our robot.  Our main goal was to introduce students to FIRST so that they would be interested in joining a team.  We showed our robot and highlighted the opportunities students have on our team.  We talked to anyone who was interested and had any questions about FIRST.  We also talked to people who were interested in other FIRST programs.  A few of the FTC teams came too to show their robots and get some of the students interested in joining FTC.  We were very excited with the long sign up lists at both junior highs for students interested in FTC and FRC!

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