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A giant congratulations to FTC 6537, the rookie FTC team we’re mentoring. They qualified for state at their regional today for their outstanding Engineering Notebook! We’re so proud of them! Can’t wait to work with you all again, and we can’t […]

Day 24

We have a tea club! Okay, it’s actually just a few students and two mentors enjoying our team mugs (with names on them!) and warm beverages since the weather around here hasn’t been the warmest. The high for today was […]

Day 23

Rejoice! We have a wonderful new addition to our kitchen/office/award display area. Behold… the hot pot. There is an abundance of warm drinks now along with cold refreshments. We even have special mugs! Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, if you bring […]

Day 22

Chairman’s meeting tonight, lots of good work being done to get things going and done. Wow, this is going to be a  great presentation this year. Teaching new students about our past. Green screens, video plans, quotes, we’ve got about […]

Darn Weather

Road are slick and dangerous. So today is cancelled. Be ready for some late nights ahead students! Catch up now on sleep and homework, get ahead if you can! We’re going to need everyone at the Doghouse as much as […]


Partners with 4443 the sock monkey team!


We’ve met so many wonderful people today! So many teams we’ve never met before, those who can help us, those who we can help. Some who have already decided to emulate our designs or ask for our help. Kazuki – […]

More matches!

Holy cow, these matches are intense. So much stress it’s unbelievable. Loving these matches though. We’ve had some AMAZING alliance partners. We’re so thankful for the season we’ve already had and can’t wait to see where we go from here. Good […]

Ottumwa Regional

Started off with a match not up to our usual standard. Their top peg is higher than our practice field is and thus… we can’t hang on top for Field One. Yet. Currently making adjustments to fix that by angling […]

Day 18

Continued to work on robot, programming, all that fun stuff. Interviews of the team today encompassing what you’ve done so far, what you’d like to do that you haven’t and your general feelings towards our team and the FIRST program. Animation is coming along, […]

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