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Day 40

Autonomous works! Code pieces were written far in advance but today was the first time we tried putting things together, and it works! We can now reach a consistent score of 18 points in the autonomous period of the game. […]

Day 37

  Luckily we have no school today! More work time, and it’s longer than the actual school day, but much more fun! 8 am to 10 pm. The race car is being painted. What is a race car you ask? […]

Day 34

Driver’s tests tonight! Are you ready? Tonight we’re holding the robot and rules portions of the tests and getting started on driving portions. Unfortunately, we have a lot of students who are interested in drive team that we must limit tryouts to […]


The animation team was bummed earlier this year when FIRST decided not to have the animation award this year. We had a lot of students that were interested in the animation project. So, we were very happy when Team 116 […]

Day 32

Looking at our progress for this year, we’ve found phenomenal growth! With a total increase in students by 54% and a female increase of 60%! We’re thrilled with how many students are taking an interest in not only our team, but also […]

Day 31

We continue to see growth in the members of Tea Club! We have also come up with an acronym that fits our team name: Students (and mentors) Who Addictively Refill Teacups -Dogs. We’ve found that it is a great way […]

STEM Day at the Capital

FRC Team 525 and FTC team 6420 had a great day at the state capital for STEM Day. The students did an amazing job of explaining both programs to many interested politicians. We ended the day visiting the Senate Chambers […]

Day 28

Story time with Mr. Swartley – Today’s story? Talking about our open house plans, drive team try outs, robot review, and many other things. Rules review is also going on. Plenty left to do! Looks like we ought to get back […]

Tea Club

We’re considering making Tea Shirts for our Tea Club. It’s very relaxing to combat the stress of build season. We continue to add more members and educate our team about the wonders of tea, though we must resort to taking […]

Day 26

Filming transitional pieces for the chairman’s video today… still not sure if we’ll have time for them or not. Three minutes just isn’t enough time to get all the information in! But we’ll sure try. First time we’ve gotten to […]

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