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Web Site Code

A bug was found in the code.  The menu system would not work in IE6 and the main page didn’t look correct in IE6.  Discussions were held about what to do.  IE6 is an old outdated browser, so we could […]

Competition Video

Bruce has brought in video of Swartdogs competitions from 2002-2010.  These can be found through the menu under About – Our Robots – then the year.  It’s fun to look back and see how the robots have changed and improved each […]


Over the weekend was the FIRST LEGO League Regional.  Over 30 teams from around the area showed up.  Everyone had a great time.  This was the third time the Swartdogs hosted the event and they were gracious hosts.  It was […]

Web Site

Things continue to progress on the Web Site.  The game pages have been added.  The animations for the years where they are available have also been added.  The code is ready to add actual game video from each year when […]


Most of the meeting on Tuesday night was planning for the upcoming Lego League Regionals.  We have hosted this several times.  We spent time getting groups of volunteers assigned to their  areas.  We looked at what has worked well, and […]

Programming back to basics

So far this year in the programming and electronics groups (they are one and the same for obvious reasons) we have rigged  up a system to run a servo (when I said “back to basics”, I meant it.). It’s being […]

Web site and more . . .

Things continue to progress well with the new web site.  All of the photos have been added.  We have a long to-do list that will bring the web site up to where we want it to be.  In the background, SVN […]

Web Site

The web site group continues to upgrade the site.  The RSS feed from the blog is working and now posts excerpts of the 2 most recent posts to the home page.  The content of each page is being updated as are […]

Tuesday’s Meeting

All of the work groups met. Build team – they are starting to work on the chasis for the robot for the Sturgis Falls Parade.   Saw the demo version of the eyes for the robot -very cool! Programming – started […]

Starting Over

A lot has happened in a very short time.  In the last 3 weeks, a complete re-write of the website and complete redesign has been accomplished. A group has been put together to work on the web site.  The shell […]

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