The game was Triple Play. Our robot was designed to pick up and stack Tetras. The top of our robot arm used a unique component, the top of a flagpole! The arm was able to extend enough to reach to the top of the center stack of Tetras – about 12 feet. We made it to the semi finals at the Midwest Regional partnering with teams 1646 and 108. Once again on the move, we worked on this year’s robot at the former Ace Fogdall building. We were grateful to have a work area, but it was c-c-c-cold in there.

Triple Play was the 2005 FIRST Robotics Competition game. This game was the first year to place three robots on each alliance. The game pieces were called “Tetras” which are tetrahedra made from PVC pipe. The game was played on a 52′ by 27′ field set up like a tic-tac-toe board. The goals, shaped as tetras, were in three rows of three. The object of the game was to place the scoring tetras on the larger goals, creating rows of three by having a tetra of your alliance’s color at the highest point on the goal. Triple Play was a fun game requiring quick thinking and plenty of strategy.

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