The game was Raising The Bar. Our robot was called Captain Hook. The robot included a rotating turret with a pivoting arm attached. A hook, which was completed on the last day of the build season, extended out of the arm. We had a great time competing at the Midwest Regional. We became famous for how our robot approached the bar to hang. You’d often hear the announcer excitedly say, “They’re half on and they’re half off!” as two sets of wheels climbed the platform and the other two were on the playing field. We seem to have a hard time finding a home to build our robot. This year we were fortunate to have an empty building to use in the Cedar Falls Industrial Park.

First Frenzy was the 2004 game for the FIRST Robotics Competition. The object of the game was to attain a higher score than your opponent alliance by delivering balls into goals, capping goals with larger balls, and/or having robots hanging from the Pull-Up bar at the end of the round of competition. Robots successfully knocking a ball of a ball tee in autonomous mode released the 40 purple scoring balls into their side before the other team.

Two alliances comprised of two teams competed in each match. The elimination phase had 3 robots on each alliance, with one sitting out each match. The alliance that won two matches advanced in the tournament.

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